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Why Choose Us

 #1 Quality
 We believe ‘the quality is the soul of us’ and do according to it, applying scientific management method (5M1E, PDCA etc.), employing skilled workers, investing top-notch equipments and machines.
 #2 Competitive & Reasonable Price
 Lowering the quality NEVER will be our choice to lower the cost. We always to do our best to offer the qualified products with affordable price, to help our clients win.
 #3 Professional
 As a professional manufacturer and with 10-years experience of manufacturing & researching drinkware products, we fully understand the products and export.
 #4 Constant Support
 Our Marketing Team: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Guarantee to handle any of your inquiries with half an hour.
 #5 Diversity
 Various Options on Models, Colors, Brand Solutions, Materials, Packaging etc.
 #6 Skilled
 We have a strong R&D team with years’ industry experience and of top-skilled in the field, which best serve your OEM, ODE order in high-efficient way.
 #7 Comprehensive Services
 CHAOLANG with years’ experience exporting, we know better of timeliness, shipping, exporting, which enables us to serve the clients beyond their expectation.