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Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Product Details: Hydro Flask Water Bottle Wide Mouth 2.19" opening fits the Hydro Flask Straw Lid, Hydro Flip, and Wide Mouth Flex Cap. With its double-wall vacuum insulated Temperature-Shield technology, liquids remain hot up to 6 Hours, and cold up to 24 Hours. All Hydro Flasks are made...

Product Details:

Hydro Flask Water Bottle 

  • Wide Mouth 2.19" opening fits the Hydro Flask Straw Lid, Hydro Flip, and Wide Mouth Flex Cap.

  • With its double-wall vacuum insulated Temperature-Shield technology, liquids remain hot up to 6 Hours, and cold up to 24 Hours.

  • All Hydro Flasks are made of non-toxic BPA-free plastics & 18/8 stainless steel food-grade stainless steel.

  •  Thanks to the proprietary powder coat, your bottle stays slip-free making it easy to go wherever you do.

  • Fits most backcountry water filters for all-day, or all-weekend, hydration .

  • Drench Your Thirst

    Hydro Flask’s Temperature-Shield insulation has redefined what the classic outdoor water bottle can be. Keeps your beverage icy cold or piping hot from trailhead to summit and every step in-between. Your perfect 'all day and into the next' refreshment solution, making it the ideal hydration companion for those long days in the office or a full day on the beach or trail. Stay cool and hydrated all day long, no matter where your adventures take you.

  • The Wide Mouth Straw Lid is the ideal combination of convenience and drinkability. Designed for ultimate portability, every detail was crafted with easy-carry comfort in mind – so you can go further, for longer, keeping your favorite beverage comfortably by your side.

  • Insulation Innovation

    Used in every Hydro Flask made, Temperature-Shield is the double wall, vacuum insulated technology that guards the temperature of your drink. Bring ice water with you in the morning, and we promise you’ll still have ice in the afternoon. Hectic morning getting in the way of your coffee sipping? No problem. Hydro Flask will keep it hot until you’re ready. There is also no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the bottle, ever.

  • Durable and Safe

    All products are made with 18/8 professional food-grade stainless steel – a metal recognized for its strength and purity. It also protects against flavor transfer, so today's coconut water won't taste like yesterday's sports drink.

  • Easy-Grip. No-Slip

    Proprietary powder coat for an easy-grip, sweat-free, extra-durable bottle you can take anywhere. Along with the Temperature-Shield technology allowing for the lightest weight and slimmest profile insulated bottle, the signature powder coat adds slip-free grip and extra durability – so you can take your Hydro Flask anywhere, on any adventure. We offer a wide range of refreshingly bold colors as unique as you are.

  • Five Convenient Sizes

    With their new Straw Lid, the Wide Mouth bottles come in two sizes. The 12 oz, 18oz ,20 oz, 32 oz and 40 oz sizes provide hydration that doesn’t require excessive pit stops or refills. The 32 oz is great for a full day of kayaking or canoeing, and the 40 oz is ideal for that weekend on the lake in late summer. No matter what your situation, the Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks meet all your needs.

  • Versatility In Hand

    Whether you have a hydrating sports drink or ice cold water, Hydro Flask has you covered with the Hydro Flask Straw Lid, which will fit any Wide Mouth bottle by Hydro Flask, and provides you with into an easy-access water bottle for your workout or tonight’s softball game. The Straw lid also makes hydrating much more convenient while driving, in the office, or on the go.

  • Style it Your Way

    With bold color choices you can personalize any Hydro Flask Wide Mouth bottle to your unique style when you buy a Hydro Flip Lid. The Hydro Flip Lid can instantly turn your Wide Mouth Straw Lid bottle into an easy-access coffee thermos.


Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel, PP

Item 1: CL-3562

Cap. 1: 12 oz

Size 1: 2.95” W. x 6.69” H. (as per tethered loop lid, the following sizes are based on the same condition)

Item 2: CL-3563

Cap. 2: 18-ounce

Size 2: 2.95” W. x 8.27” H.

Item 3: CL-3564

Cap. 3: 20 ounces

Size 3: 2.95” W. x 8.94” H.

Item 4: CL-3566

Cap. 4: 32 oz

Size 4: 3.58” W. x 9.17” H.

Item 5: CL-3567

Cap. 5: 40 oz

Size 5: 3.58” W. x 10.71” H.


Product Description:

CHAOLANG Industry & Trade offers Eco-friendly, Durable & Quality Hydro Flask Water Bottle at competitive price, Experienced Professional Drinkware manufacturer with cutting-edge R&D team and skilled workforce.




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