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Insulated Water Bottle

CHAOLANG's insulated water bottle is made of food grade stainless steel, which forms the inner cup and the inner cup of the bottle. In addition to chemical-free ingredients, our water bottles are rust-proof, anti-corrosive and anti-fouling, and do not provide a hidden place for mold and bacteria. Stainless steel water bottles are stretch and durable. It is indestructible and can be used in a variety of harsh weather conditions. These water bottles are rarely squeezed or scratched and are therefore widely used by athletes during hiking, hiking and rafting. The outside of the inner wall is coated with a thin copper layer in the vacuum sealed area to increase the insulation, to keep the water hot for nearly six hours, and to store cold water for 25 hours at a time.
Insulated water bottle features
1. Environmental protection: The materials are made of natural elements and are easily recycled.
2. Durable: Our bottle can withstand harsh weather conditions and has scratch-resistance
3. Safety: non-toxic, non-polluting, no chemical composition
Bulk insulated water bottles are welcome to be purchased from CHAOLANG at a low price. As a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, we are able to provide you with the best service to ensure your satisfaction. At the same time, our factory also supports insulated water bottle wholesale and customized services. For free samples, please contact us.