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Travel Mugs Personalized

Our travel mug personalized has the following features:
1) Use stainless steel, double wall and vacuum insulation to keep your favorite beverage for 6 hours or refrigerate for 10 hours. No longer drink warm coffee on the way to work. Your caramel latte, macchiato, hot tea or any other beverage will remain fresh and delicious until the last drop.
2) Durable and easy to clean: Our travel mugs are easy to clean and require only a quick wash in the sink to handle any residue and keep your travel mug fresh.
3) Wide range of uses: The practical use of such mugs goes far beyond travel. Fill up with your favorite hot or cold drink, then put it on your desk or take you to a weekend sports event. No matter what beverage, coffee, tea, water or juice you like, our cups will keep you fresh for the utmost.
4) Our mugs are reusable and indestructible. They are a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper coffee cups. Double insulation helps reduce the carbon footprint while keeping all beverages fresh and delicious. The durable locking design allows accidental breakage of the mug without causing a disaster.
As a professional travel mug manufacturer and supplier in China, CHAOLANG can provide you with the best service. Our factory also supports personalized wholesale and customized services for travel mugs. Welcome to CHAOLANG to purchase personalized bulk travel mugs at a low price. For free samples, please contact us.