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Vacuum Insulated Thermos

The vacuum insulated thermos bottle is a water-filled container made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of liquid such as water contained inside, and can achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Whether it is sports or going out, the vacuum insulated thermos bottle with good insulation effect is definitely your best choice. The secret of a vacuum sealed bottle is that it dissipates heat in a different way. The silver coating on the bottle prevents heat radiation, the vacuum wall stops transmitting, and the glass lining prevents it from being exported. Every little detail is designed to provide you with the most care. The warmth.
Our vacuum insulated thermos have the following features:
1. Double wall insulation, can extend the holding time
2. No moisture: no wet watermark on the table or on the bag
3. Food grade 18/8 stainless steel: no odor, pure, no bisphenol A
4. Extremely durable
CHAOLANG is a professional vacuum insulated thermos bottle manufacturer and supplier in China. With a cutting-edge technical team and skilled workforce, it offers customized and free sample services. You can purchase bulk vacuum insulated thermos bottles at our factory directly at wholesale prices.