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Vacuum Thermos Flask

Vacuum Thermos Flask

Vacuum Thermos Flask:
-No heavy metal harzard, healthier than other material
-Durable Stainless Steel inner wall and outer wall
-Good heat preservation effect

Product Description:

The vacuum thermos flask is generally a water-filled container made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer. The top is covered and the seal is tight. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection, and transmission. The silver cup in the cup reflects the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the cup and the cup can block the transfer of heat, and the bottle that does not transfer heat can prevent heat convection.

This unique flask is made of kitchen-grade, environmentally-friendly stainless steel for long-term re-use.

CHAOLANG Industry & Trade offers Eco-friendly, Durable & Quality Vacuum Thermos Flask at competitive price, as an Experienced Professional Drinkware (Insulated Products) manufacturer with cutting-edge technology team and skilled workforce, 750,000 units production ability monthly and BSCI audit, FDA, LFGB, CE certificates.

Product Specifications:

Item CL-2177CL-2178
MaterialStainless Steel 18/8 (304), PP (Plastic #5), Silicone
Capacity350 ml / 0.35 litre / 12-ounce

500 ml / 0.5 litre / 17-ounc

Size2.72" Width x 7.83" Height2.72" Width x 9.92" Height

Product Details:

●Vacuum Thermos Flask

●Made of kitchen-grade eco-friendly stainless steel, this unique Thermos Flask features a double-walled construction

●Keeps hot for up to 24 hours or cold for up to 18 hours

●Durable Stainless Steel inner wall and outer wall

●Cool-touch with hot drink and condensation free with iced beverage

●Comes with a leak-free topper (with a push button), and a two-toned drinking cup which is twisted on the top, convenient for hydration anywhere you want. Features a double-walled construction, keeping your drink within your desired temperature longer than you can imagine.

Vacuum Thermos Flask Features

*No heavy metal harzard, healthier than other material 

*Compared to stainless steel, it is suitable for all drinks, strong corrosion resistance  

*Double stainless steel wall, good heat preservation effect


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