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Thermos Vacuum Flask

The Thermos Vacuum Flask is an insulated storage container that greatly extends the time it takes to hold the liquid. The vacuum flask consisted of two flasks, one placed in the other and connected at the neck. The gap between the two flasks partially evacuates the air, creating a near vacuum, which significantly reduces heat transfer through conduction or convection. The vacuum thermos bottle is generally a water-filled container made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer. The top is covered and the seal is tight. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection, and transmission. The silver cup in the thermos can reflect the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the bottle and the bottle can block the transfer of heat, and the bottle that does not transfer heat can prevent heat convection.
As a professional thermos vacuum flask manufacturer and supplier, our company can provide you with a variety of different types of thermos, such as food thermos, coffee thermos, stainless steel thermos, vacuum thermos and so on. Welcome to buy bulk thermos from CHAOLANG at a low price. Our factory also supports hot water bottle thermos wholesale and customized services. For free samples, please contact us.
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