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The Specific Selection Method Of Water Bottle
Sep 30, 2017

1. Vacuum insulation Performance Simple identification method: The boiling water into the Thermos cup with a clockwise screw stopper or cup cover 2-3 minutes after touching the outside surface of the cup body, if the cup body has a clear warm phenomenon, the product has lost the vacuum, can not achieve a good thermal insulation effect.

2. Sealing performance Identification method: After the cup with water, in the clockwise direction to tighten the cork and cup cover, the Cup flat on the table, should be free of water leakage, the cup lid and cup mouth of the rotation should be flexible, no gap.

3. Plastic parts Identification method: Food grade new plastic is characterized by small odor, bright surface, no burr, long life and easy to use. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is characterized by large odor, dark color, burr, plastic easily aging and easy to break.