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The Purchasing Skill Of Vacuum Vacuum Flask
Sep 30, 2017

First look at the appearance of the Cup. A look at the internal and external surface polishing is uniform, whether there are scratches and scratch defects;

Second see whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, this relationship with a drink when the feeling is comfortable;

Three see the quality of the plastic parts poor. Not only will affect the service life, but also affect the health of drinking water;

Four see whether the internal seal is tight. Whether the screw Plug and cup body fit properly. Whether the spin is free or not is leaking. Fill a glass of water inverted four, five minutes or a few hard to shake to verify whether the leak. Then look at the insulation performance, this is the main technical indicators of the thermos. General purchase can not be in accordance with the standard inspection, but may be filled with hot water after the feel of the cup is not warm two minutes after the hot water cup body will be hot, and the lower part of the cup is always cool.

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