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Cleaning Of Travel Coffee Mugs
Sep 30, 2017

As for the coffee cup cleaning, because of the fine texture of the coffee cup, the cup surface close, small pores, not easy to adhere to the coffee scale, so after drinking coffee, as long as immediately rinse with water, that is, can keep the cup clean. Long-term use of coffee cups, or not immediately after the rinse, so that the coffee scale attached to the surface of the Cup, the cup can be placed in lemon juice soaked in order to remove the coffee scale. If at this time can not completely remove the coffee scale, you can use a neutral dishwashing agent, stained on the sponge, gently wipe the cleaning, and finally rinse with water can be. In the coffee cup cleaning process, strictly prohibit the use of hard brush scrub, but also to avoid the use of strong acid, strong alkali detergent to avoid the coffee cup surface scratches damaged.