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Cleaning Method Of Baby Bottles
Sep 30, 2017

Because there are some dirt and germs in the bottle and the pacifier that may be harmful to your baby's health, cleaning and disinfecting the bottles and teats is essential.

1. You can use a special bottle detergent, or a natural food detergent, with a bottle brush and sponge clean.

2. The nipple part is very easy to residue milk powder, whether it is on the outside or inside the sponge and brush thoroughly clean.

3. In order to prevent the residue of detergent, the pacifier will be washed clean, it is best to turn over the pacifier to clean the interior.

4. After boiling the water in the pot, you can sterilize the bottle and the pacifier. The bottle is lighter and easier to float on the surface, and the bottle can be filled with water.