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Vacuum Vacuum Flask Tea
Sep 30, 2017

The insulation is mostly used airtight way to carry on the heat preservation, because of the structure of tea itself, will be in the case of airtight fermentation, after fermentation of tea will produce some harmful substances to the human body. Tea is rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, is a natural health drink, which contains tea polyphenols, coffee alkali, tannin, tea pigments, etc., but also has a variety of pharmacological effects. Tea long soak in high temperature water, like warm fire frying, tea polyphenols, tannin and other substances will be a large number of leaching, so that the tea color thick, bitter astringent.

Vitamin C and other nutrients in the water temperature of more than 80 ℃ will be destroyed, long time high temperature immersion will make it too much loss, thus reducing the health function of tea.

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