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The function of vacuum Vacuum flask
Sep 30, 2017

Versatile "one Cup and more use" has become a popular practice of the new mug. Almost every cup has its own distinctive features, a lot of double cover design, when driving as long as the middle of the red key, the water will automatically flow out, and will not splash wet in the car; some in the middle of the design of the thermos tea compartment design, tea can be quickly filtered with tea, very suitable for small white-collar office use There are two-cup design, the bottom lid and the tea, sugar, coffee, and so on, and the use of stainless steel double-layer vacuum liner, not only can be filled with boiling water, but also can be filled with ice, and some cup body also has the function of stewing, the least function of the mug also has at least 2 or more functions, And the most versatile thermos flask has the function of $number, whether it is out of the travel or home use is very convenient.

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