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The disinfection method of Baby bottles
Sep 30, 2017

1. Wash the bottle immediately after the milk is fed, cleaning the remaining milk can be first poured off, rinse with water after the bottle brush with the bottle clean, it is best to prepare a bottle cleaning agent specifically for cleaning, in addition to the bottle inside, bottlenecks and spirals should also be carefully cleaned, do not omit.

2. When cleaning the pacifier to turn over the pacifier, brush carefully with the pacifier brush clean. If the nipple has a solidified milk stains, you can first use a hot water bubble for a while, until the milk stains soften and then use the pacifier brush off. The place near the nipple hole is thinner, the action should be light when cleaning, be careful not to let it split.

3. After cleaning the pacifier and bottle, rinse it repeatedly with flowing water and dry it in the ventilated place.

4. In addition to cleaning every time, but also need regular disinfection, the best daily disinfection 1 times, can be placed in the ordinary pot with boiling water, or steaming steamer, can also use microwave ovens, generally 8-10 minutes. Disinfection equipment to be dedicated, can also be used for special disinfection pot.

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