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Instructions for the use of vacuum Vacuum flask
Sep 30, 2017

1, before the use of new products, you must use boiling water (or a little food detergent hot wash several times, high-temperature disinfection. )

The function and beauty of the Thermos flask

The function and beauty of the Thermos flask

2, before use, please use boiling water (or cold) preheating (or precooling) 5-10 minutes, so that the insulation effect is better.

3. Please fill the water, so as not to tighten the cup lid, boiling water overflow scald.

4. Please drink slowly when hot drinks to avoid scald.

5, it is not suitable for long time to put milk, milk button products and juice and other carbonated beverages.

6, after drinking, please tighten the lid to ensure cleanliness.

7, clean the timely use of soft cloth and diluted by lukewarm water detergent cleaning agent. Do not use alkaline bleach metal cai cloth, chemical cloth and so on.

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